Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you need to call before you come for our regular service?

A. No. If we can get in your yard, we do not need to call before your service.

Q. What about my children and pets?

A. We use E.P.A. registered products and we use the utmost care when it comes to your safety.

Q. What if I develop a pest problem in my house?

A. Just call your service technician and get an appointment.

Q. If I notice a pest problem after my regular service, will you come back?

A. It is usual to see an increase in insect activity right after our service. If the problem persists after several days, we'll return at no charge.

Q. What about rain?

A. All of the material used in our pest management programs are designed for all weather conditions.

Q. If I don’t see any pests, can I skip a service call?

A. Remember, "when we do our best job there is nothing there." For us to maintain control, we must perform all of your services.

Q. I didn’t smell anything after your service technician left.

A. Pest Busters Exterminating Inc. is concerned about your environment. We use low-odor products.

Q. How soon can I water after your visit?

A. We use a water-based formulation. When your property is dry (usually 20-30 minutes), you can water without losing control of pests.

Q. After my first visit, when will you come back?

A. You can expect us within the scheduled service month. Call us if there is a special need.

Q. When you treat inside my cabinets, do I need to wash them when are done?

A. No. If you plan to wash out your cabinets, do so before our treatment. Also, please remove any loose shelf paper at this time. Be sure all cabinets are dry before putting items back in your cabinets.